Would you like to make a donation to NCBI to support the provision of our life enhancing services?

At NCBI we are working every day with people of all ages, from young babies to those reaching their 100th birthday. The majority of people we work with actually have some remaining vision, while only a small percentage are completely blind. There are currently 51,718 people with sight loss in Ireland and this number is rising.
We understand the impact of sight loss – the fear people may feel if they are having difficulties doing things like reading, writing, seeing road signs or recognising faces; the worries families have about their loved ones living alone safely; the dreams and desires parents have for their children born with partial sight to ensure that they enjoy their childhood.

We provide emotional and practical help so that people can live their lives fully with confidence and independence, now and into the future. As a charity, NCBI must raise €3 million annually just to keep operating at our current levels. That equates to €4 out of every €10 we spend on vital services.