NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland) is Ireland’s national charity working for the rising number of people affected by sight loss. Our practical and emotional advice and supports help 8,000 people and their families face their futures with confidence every year. NCBI offers community based services to help people to adapt to sight loss and maintain their independence. These services include emotional support to the individual experiencing loss of vision and to their families, advice and information on all aspects of vision loss as well as practical support and solutions to the challenges encountered by people with vision loss. Our services are offered to people of all ages, from birth through to older age.
The majority of people in Ireland with sight loss retain some useful vision and can be assisted to maximize their remaining vision in various different ways. Following referral NCBI will arrange to meet with you and assess the degree and impact of sight loss. We will then offer individualized solutions such as magnification and / or technical aids, advice on lighting and contrast solutions as well as general advice on other adaptations that can be made to reduce the impact of loss of vision.
The overall aim of NCBI services is to enable people to live an independent life of their choice. As the impact of vision loss for each individual varies depending on what it is they wish to achieve as well as the type and degree of vision loss they experience, the service offered to each individual will differ.

Specsavers is a partnership of nearly 2,000 locally-run businesses, committed to delivering high quality, affordable optical and hearing care in the communities they serve.
Each store is part-owned and managed by its own directors, who are shareholders of their own businesses but who are supported by key specialists in support offices, who provide a range of services, such as marketing, accounting, IT and wholesaling, among others.
This joint venture Partnership ensures that the opticians and audiologists who run their stores can concentrate on delivering what they do best – provide expert eye and hearing care to their customers.
There are currently more than 90 partners in Ireland, many of whom have been with the Partnership for more than 10 years.
Specsavers was set up by Doug and Dame Mary Perkins in 1984, who pioneered the optical joint venture partnership model and also revolutionised the industry with their innovative concept of affordable, fashionable eyecare for everyone, at a time when high prices for optical care and limited choice were the norm. The first Irish store opened in 1990 and there are now more than 50 stores nationwide.
Specsavers is the largest employer of register optometrists and dispensing opticians in Ireland. All Specsavers’ opticians are registered with The Optical Registration Board at CORU so customers can rest assured that their eyes are tested and their glasses prescribed by fully qualified and registered practitioners.